21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget. 

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From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Past Smartphone fail episodes:
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Feb 26, 2021




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Comments 99   
Erik Culescu
Erik Culescu 6 minutes ago
Welp. At least the Tesla glass didn’t shattered *every Tesla owner*
A M 8 minutes ago
Why did they blurry the Hitler word? Is it the H-word now?
Pe_ Tr
Pe_ Tr 53 minutes ago
„Cyberpunk is the biggest game disaster that I have seen in my life“ *Proceeds to point out fallout 76 that can erase the system itself from PS4*
First name Last name
15:09 damn another rickroll
Reality STUDIOS 3 hours ago
whenever i see will smith in yt rewind 2018 i just think in my head “yAWwWWwwwwW”
baldis brother
baldis brother 3 hours ago
The Wii U wasn’t that bad in my opinion
Andrew North
Andrew North 4 hours ago
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DpsAlt 5 hours ago
You can buy segways with automatic “don't fall over” technology and a funky Thigh Lever to turn with. I have one and haven't fallen over once Edit: just remembered I went over a bunch of bumpy tiles and fell and grazed my knee. Just don’t use the bumpy road, no matter how funny your voice sounds
James Stempka
James Stempka 7 hours ago
try stadia.... don't rely on some old video from launch where a "journalist" recorded an input lag video in the middle of an office. I'm sure there's no security vpn/firewalls... kinda fraud
random dude
random dude 7 hours ago
Oh I remember the countless amounts of ads about stadia
Terabit3 Gaming
Terabit3 Gaming 8 hours ago
Idk what your talking about. Tay was a huge success for the internet
Justin Bickle
Justin Bickle 8 hours ago
15:06 that is the most clever damn rick roll I have ever seen
Jc Jc
Jc Jc 9 hours ago
The Wii U is amazing
Eric Bruscoe
Eric Bruscoe 9 hours ago
I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing at the "Tay" mishap...not even 24 hours and she tried to get us to kill each other...🤣 yes give me A.I. right away...😁
DuckGodYT 12 hours ago
3 teenagers hacked the biggest accounts on Twitter while I’m over here at 16 trying to figure out why my pc fan is going nuts
Ki Riven
Ki Riven 12 hours ago
US-first fail isn't really a tech fail, but ok
GLDN Cr3scent
GLDN Cr3scent 13 hours ago
Best Rickroll I’ve ever seen 15:09
Le Mystra007
Le Mystra007 13 hours ago
1. Humanity
Xing Shen
Xing Shen 13 hours ago
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Renata Węgrzyn
Renata Węgrzyn 14 hours ago
15:08 the title of the video is a rickroll..... Damn you..
Galia Matos
Galia Matos 14 hours ago
May editor acidantaly pre order Two kkk
• I'm E u n i U n i q u e •
Am I the only one who feels bad for the camera man who crashed on Usain Bolt from a segway-
HaZe main account
HaZe main account 15 hours ago
2:39 of course macready is a weeb
Alex Santiváñez
Alex Santiváñez 15 hours ago
i still have a wii u and use it lol
Grant Payant
Grant Payant 15 hours ago
Speed Z Gaming
Speed Z Gaming 15 hours ago
17:04 yes it did mrbeast made one, research things before you say it
TOEbr 16 hours ago
still loved cyberpunk, but even to this day its still buggy
Clusxyy 17 hours ago
IMO. The Wii U was one of the best consoles of my life. I used to play Minecraft Wii U edition and I played a lot of battle. I was extremely good and I made a lot of friends and enemies.
Chris George
Chris George 17 hours ago
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Cat Cod
Cat Cod 17 hours ago
2bpppy 18 hours ago
I have a wii u
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin 18 hours ago
I still use Stadia. It's pretty good. Input lag isn't bad at all.
LightSpike Universe
LightSpike Universe 18 hours ago
the top fail in his new vid : Huel
Theo Marx
Theo Marx 18 hours ago
Mueed Mirza
Mueed Mirza 18 hours ago
3:05 Sponsor's name upside down on the package...3/10 failure ;)
Waheed Akhtar Wahid
Waheed Akhtar Wahid 20 hours ago
Theranos should not be on the list since it was not a fail but a fraud.
Carson Patrick
Carson Patrick 21 hour ago
Geek Bear
Geek Bear 21 hour ago
23:08 “We’re talking about theranos.” literally everyone: oh no-
John Blonde
John Blonde 21 hour ago
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Carlos André Valentim Games
Just got rickrolled feeling not good
Lowkey Cold
Lowkey Cold 22 hours ago
There was nothing wrong with the wi u
Sakhile Msimang
Sakhile Msimang 22 hours ago
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Lil Tay
Brendan Stokes 2
Brendan Stokes 2 22 hours ago
6:59 I really don’t care what people say about the Wii U I like it and I think it’s a little underrated it gets made fun of a lot but has very popular game titles and many underrated gems
WoMBaTToS Digs
WoMBaTToS Digs 23 hours ago
You don't use dark mode?
Aneesh_05 Day ago
i sat through the whole just to hear arun say "10/10 fail" 🤣
Philip Mitchelmore
But in cyber trucks defence that glass didn’t shatter
Gyan Prabhakar
Can some one tell me the name of movie pls?
Gustaw Sasiadek
I am watching this vid on a Samsung iPad.
Give Away
Give Away Day ago
Thank you so much for including cyberpunk in it
felix Day ago
Ninebots by Segway r good tho
felix Day ago
Omg I saw the jucero. It’s so bad.
Yash Singhal
Yash Singhal Day ago
The Wii U was still way better than google stadia and it has some of my favorite games on there. Mostly Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Mario Maker, and Pikimin 3. Tropical Freeze is one of the best 2D platformers to ever exist and Mario Maker was the first large level editor to share your creations. The marketing sucked and I think a name change would alone sell twice as many units. Also no indie games on there and Nintendo's stupid US-first creator policy made it unappealing.
felix Day ago
Wow I feel bad for that guy trying to introduce cloi
Sourav Dey
Sourav Dey Day ago
I never thought Cyberpunk is that buggy.. I heard the physics engine doesn't works well.. I didn't buy it.. I thought I will later... currently I think I'm good with GTA V..
james roudein
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doky jhonsone
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Keith Smith
Keith Smith Day ago
Quibi's failure is now Rokus "original" entertainment.
I lived on Oahu during the false missile alert. Watched people jump into storm drains. My roommate looked me in the eyes and said he accepted death. I ran to hide in local Longs drug store to try and hide in a walk-in freezer. After the 38 min were over everyone looked like they just saw a ghost. Most businesses shut down for the day. Apparently the error was made due to a mis click on a drop down menu. There’s a series of selections and then you hit enter. It asks for you to confirm, and this one idiot just hit it again. So yeah he was fired. But there’s was more BS when it came to sending out the follow up message stating it was a false alarm. Overall one of the worst days of my life ngl. The one positive aspect of this was pretty much every person on island was drinking and partying like it was the end of the world. So that was a little cathartic but doesn’t make up for the anxiety attacks I get now when they do the test sirens on island.
Clara Gomes
Clara Gomes Day ago
I was amazed how at #10 we were already at 07/10 fail
Mr Noosh
Mr Noosh Day ago
Axel cube and mirror blocks in the background Mrwhosetheboss is a cuber?!
Raul Berry
Raul Berry Day ago
RIP Wii u
Devlin Woodruff
I hav promo black mariokart 8 Wii U it is just litteraly like the took the Wii and enlarged it and gave it hdmi and a useless 480p display large gameboy advance
Ethan McKibbin
Cyberfail, I'll buy a hummer or Rivian and get a better quality car. Also I lived in Alaska and got the Hawaii missile warning.
Palette Roller
I actually liked the Wii
Judith Dye
Judith Dye Day ago
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B P Day ago
Tesla one is not a failure at all lmao.
Trick Shot Legends
The wii u was amazing
Meghan Bee
Meghan Bee Day ago
I feel like the Wii U was like the beta switch
Mad Scientific
Only thing I've got on that list that affects me in any way is a [decent] hoverboard, and the one and only time I busted my ass hard on it, stupidity was involved... Just like every video where someone... Busts their ass on one 😊 That's of course ignoring US-first... But well there's nothing to say there... Most annoying thing is ads. But technology is good. Really. So have fun with all that 🤣
Shaggy Rogers
I liked the Wii U
RK B Day ago
25:20 he is so enjoying that😂❤️
Patrick Armstrong
surkid101 b
surkid101 b Day ago
He didn't put the mic in cloi so she didn't talk. I think idk.
97 Bonnie&clyde
Nintendo doesn't get eliminated by a poor performing console on the market that quickly. They have so many game franchises with the widest audience range available and their exclusive only to their consoles as well.
Albara Qahtani
The theranos scandal was probably the biggest controversy i've ever seen in my life.
- Popcycle -
- Popcycle - Day ago
How about banning cars if you think Segways are dangerous . Didn't think so - anyhoo the company is back in business and doing well
Dale Mattingly
Surprised you didn't meantion passionfruit (from a video of phone commercial in this channel)
yren11 Day ago
Why would he mention Passionfruit if it is not a real company? He only said REAL fails
Salim Ladjouzi
List : Wii u Me a 17 year old who still uses it : Guess I'm a boomer
Danny Wolf
Danny Wolf Day ago
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Johnathan Treadway
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Mattie Johnston
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Aiden Bailey
Aiden Bailey Day ago
U focus for one sec just one and your a ditch😂
Epik tom6nicole
one of the employees of tesla actually said that it never broke but at the time of the show it broke
AnimalHeart Day ago
Somehow, my family uses a ring doorbell, and we never had any problems. Strange how I saw hacking incidents in the video-
Henny Yang
Henny Yang Day ago
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John Mitchell
Elizabeth Holmes was not a fail she was a criminal con artist
Push back, Taxiing, Takeoff
Why do I keep getting this in my recommended, even though i've watched it like a million times?
Rocket Craft
Rocket Craft Day ago
I like the wii u
Kabaiz Day ago
They said they threw like sinks and toilets at the car windows before and ruined the structural integrity of the test car
edith Day ago
Jucero was just ecoensive caprisun
I had to imagine a lot of scenarios in this video
Myst_ Desendant
I like the Wii U 😐
Yella Dart
Yella Dart Day ago
The Microsoft Hololens was an absolute disaster right from the moment it was released. I'm a university lecturer, so I was invited to go to Microsoft HQ in London for a demo of the thing around when it was released. Literally everyone in attendance agreed the thing sucked massive balls. However, the university put in an order for 6 of them. They've still never been used since Microsoft dropped support for them about 6 months later, and the version of Windows 10 they're left with is still as broken as it was on day 1. The only positive I can say about the whole debacle is that I got to go to Microsoft HQ in London XD
Saifi Malik
Saifi Malik Day ago
You simly smashed it bro talking about youtube on youtube
Sean Grace
Sean Grace Day ago
Have you tried Stadia? It works great and input lag is not an issue. Try doing some research next time.
silent recroom
I have a Wii still on an old box tv lol
twitter is why we can never have cool things
Buddster 75
Buddster 75 Day ago
the wii u was cool tho
Milica Pejin
Milica Pejin Day ago
Never gonna give u up
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