The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing πŸ’€ 

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You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.
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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
jaedong yoo
jaedong yoo 14 minutes ago
The rebel scene ultrascructurally double because cousin crucially strap alongside a befitting curtain. unarmed, innocent potato
Tristan van Herpen
Tristan van Herpen 44 minutes ago
Very cool phones ❀❀❀, but too expensive
No I'm not a tree, thank you
19:55 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Benedek Fodor
Benedek Fodor Hour ago
Thats an experience heatsink
Saurabh Jadhav
Are you the son of Elon Musk.
BotMesso 2 hours ago
9:24 that’s what she said
EricE549 2 hours ago
i love the look of phantom red. phantom brown? not so much.
DarkHeartKirito 2 hours ago
Fake mr beast?
Keean Buys
Keean Buys 2 hours ago
No one peeped the "that's what she said" at 9:23?
Kittengirl6000 3 hours ago
Imagine he broke the most expensive one😭
I thought that was a gold bar
18:08 ...is that who I think it is?
BL-VIKING 5 hours ago
why is there a person dancing in the top left of the corner in (8:12) of the video
alphin santhosh
alphin santhosh 6 hours ago
My Mobile vivo 2GB ram mobile hanging damage problem πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Hot RBLX 6 hours ago
kartik bansal
kartik bansal 6 hours ago
Only two technical creators have unique content 1. Tech burner and 2. Mrwhosetheboss
BJ 654
BJ 654 6 hours ago
8:11 You can't hide that Rick Roll from me...
chaplachi vlogs
chaplachi vlogs 7 hours ago
8:12 we got rick rolled boys ΰ²₯_ΰ²₯
Dessencse 8 hours ago
Who else got rickrolled?
chaplachi vlogs
chaplachi vlogs 7 hours ago
@Aidan xavier i am you
Aidan xavier
Aidan xavier 7 hours ago
Nebolisa Emmanuel
Nebolisa Emmanuel 8 hours ago
Jeez so many phones, give me one please πŸ₯Ί
DaBaby 8 hours ago
Bro this guys voice is like nile reds voice where the captions can understand him perfectly
Itsa MeMario
Itsa MeMario 9 hours ago
LoL @ the Burger Eating!
Isaac McGuinness
Isaac McGuinness 9 hours ago
we got rickrolled
Jay Z
Jay Z 9 hours ago
Man loves his androids
OFFBEAT 10 hours ago
That's what she said 🀣🀣🀣🀣
Emanoel Lipo
Emanoel Lipo 10 hours ago
I thought with that price it might be nowadays Aladdin's Smart Lamp, turns out to be a gold bar with a screen...
drunk throne
drunk throne 10 hours ago
It’s a block of gold glued to a phone lol
ItsDots 10 hours ago
That was a sneaky Rick roll
DREAM 11 team
DREAM 11 team 10 hours ago
Iphone 13 pro max Technical role par Unboxing ho gya he
Epic1 Gamer
Epic1 Gamer 11 hours ago
Phantom red, trash. Phantom brown, awesome!
Yummy 11 hours ago
I wonder how many phones this guy have?
Lucifer 12 hours ago
Di....did he just inbox Jeff bezos phone?
Eadie Leija
Eadie Leija 13 hours ago
The curved north america electronically dare because math concurrently communicate without a insidious dolphin. dry, annoying bagel
Kai Jade
Kai Jade 13 hours ago
Who would have a phone that has a brick of gold on the back
Bmamuts Bmts
Bmamuts Bmts 14 hours ago
Is he gonna donate the phones???
Sharrukh Ahmed
Sharrukh Ahmed 14 hours ago
I would use that p9981 now in 2021 Looks so cool
tech first
tech first 15 hours ago
Mind blowing
Demi Godoy-Jones
Demi Godoy-Jones 15 hours ago
I'm actually kinda mad that some of the most expensive phones are just phones we already have with a slightly different design. or you know A BRICK OF GOLD ATTATCHED
zombie salami
zombie salami 15 hours ago
Just gotta think to how some of those come with cases ...but my damn iPhone doesn’t even come with a block or headphones
Basharat Nawaz
Basharat Nawaz 16 hours ago
you should be in news channel instead here
imL 16 hours ago
Stop rick rolling me jeez
Ayaan Playz
Ayaan Playz 17 hours ago
8:13 look at rick roll xD up there
Mihai 17 hours ago
19:45 I think some russions will pay you a visit soon
Rickatings Tutorials
17 minutes ago 😜
Gese Olin
Gese Olin 17 hours ago
the that's what she said LMAO
XAminPlayz X
XAminPlayz X 17 hours ago
Oiiiii ya went from 6900 to 170000
Idk what to name myself lol
this is sponsored by....
Gese Olin
Gese Olin 17 hours ago
Yuki 17 hours ago
My man just unboxed Jeff Bezos's phone
Grilled Stone
Grilled Stone 18 hours ago
The fact that I got rockrolled from this video is not ok...
SadraTime 18 hours ago
Who else saw Rick at 8:10?
msonar3h 18 hours ago
*That Phone Alarm Better Part Me To Wake Up,and Serve Me Breakfast In Bed*
Apokailypse Z
Apokailypse Z 18 hours ago
9:25 that’s what she said
Apokailypse Z
Apokailypse Z 18 hours ago
0:24 phone just randomly drops out of nowhere
Ns Reshad
Ns Reshad 18 hours ago
The cat you have is Limited edition πŸ˜‚πŸ’
hari ganguli
hari ganguli 19 hours ago
It was such a disappointment 🀣🀣🀣 all they did was slap some gold on the most latest phone.🀑🀑🀑
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 19 hours ago
0:24 why tf was that so smooth
8:13 noooo i got rickrolled
parthiban k
parthiban k 20 hours ago
gonna glue my iphone 7 to my wall and sell it as Iphone home edition
Shiv Mittal
Shiv Mittal 21 hour ago
15:23 What is that?
Maxwell the luxray
Maxwell the luxray 21 hour ago
300k phone unboxing when Literally made from space debris
Shiv Mittal
Shiv Mittal 21 hour ago
2:19 I would like to see the bloopers of this scene
Ani Avdalyan
Ani Avdalyan 22 hours ago
hake101_ai 22 hours ago
Jeff Bezos
Blaze 010
Blaze 010 22 hours ago
8:12 look above.
Mohammad 22 hours ago
look at that shit🀣
Lawlaka Gurion Tanod
the S21+phantom red is pretty
Christopher 23 hours ago
This time long I wonder who the hell edits these videos in such quality in a really short time...
Celo YT
Celo YT 23 hours ago
i was watching this with my s7 edge
iziex 23 hours ago
again rickrolled 8:11 😩
WooZ COMPILATIONS 23 hours ago
2:16 made me drop a like πŸ‘
Reno Agasthya
That is really lazy.... In that case, i would just buy some gold, glue it to a phone, named it fish egg then sell it.... and i have 115k dollar in my wallet....
iBlaxoul Day ago
me looking to the phones and prices: _πŸ˜±πŸ˜“_
Reno Agasthya
Thats literaly just a 1 kg gold glued into an s21.... if i had money to buy that phone i would rather buy the phone and the gold seperated
Roy Chen
Roy Chen Day ago
Jayson Pr
Jayson Pr Day ago
All the phone reviewers now tell "WHO'S THE BOSS"...😎😎😎
naruto red
naruto red Day ago
The first phone is perfect for dream because dream is a minecraft youtuber and twitcher and hus favorite color is green and he has almost 30m subs
Ant Man
Ant Man Day ago
The hot huge tub affectively wonder because mouse serendipitously surround from a curly dugout. vigorous, soft spruce
Romeo Biju
Romeo Biju Day ago
Can I ask any 1 of phone you just show?I don’t want that 170k phone because that just too rich for me. Any phone is ok for me.
dank beast
dank beast Day ago
Kaha se hai bhai tu
Phoenix Day ago
Makers of 200000$ phone be like- chutiya bnaya tmkoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Arabela Nakano
The square caterpillar booly pack because unshielded lovely puncture through a garrulous elbow. breakable, juvenile battle
Super fun dude
L2qv Day ago
Akash. B
Akash. B Day ago
Arun U forgot ur pant right
Don't think I didn't see that rick roll!
DrizZ Day ago
Quality content✨
Yaboii Gamerz
No one will go and take these phone outdoor
Yaboii Gamerz
I will get robed
Yewbdar Petros
half of the phones, was mentioned here, let alone, owned it, by time i finshed looking at it, will be stolen, and expected to pay for it. (: kidding aside, it amazes me to know, phone has lost its definition, as to why was created. to communicate, does it matter how expensive the phone is, does improve the quality of who we communicate with ? these days more money spent on gadgets, and less moral values in people. thank you to the knowledge that you shared.
MO. KAIF Day ago
Richest person in tech community
Robloxie123 Day ago
I know he probably don’t live with his parents but idk but I’m still gonna say it! His mom says*your grounded give me your phone ! Him ok:( 2 minutes late he takes thousands of phones out of his drawer
nsg ksvh
nsg ksvh Day ago
The historical wish initially punch because hobbies mechanistically worry round a terrific kick. rainy, substantial gum
Peter Farombi
Burguler: breaks into t ithis guy's house Burguler: sees literally walls of phones Burguler: that boy bad new, he a menace to society
Gaming With Deso
Did any one else see the that’s what she said text
Blackpink In your Area
Damm You richer then Mrbeast
wrecked funtimefoxy
Nice click bait
Max Day ago
Number 2 is a fucking scam
Felipe Lima
Felipe Lima Day ago
The careful target specifically travel because congo tribally sprout like a squalid kitty. blushing, melodic fiber
koiyzy Day ago
ill stick with the iphone 12
Opeoka Games
Opeoka Games Day ago
why would you buy the 170k one... it just a phone with a chunk of gold on it
Sour Agaccini
Ack, if only have the money...