The Galaxy S21 Ultra is Better than you think. 

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Unboxing + Initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, including camera test / battery life! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arun
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Jan 16, 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss 4 months ago
For everyone who tweeted me or messaged me to say you were waiting on my S21 Ultra video, thank you - Wanted to take some time to make it as best I could! ❤️ Do consider checking out Huel, it's a product I actually have like every day, and I'd love to keep working with them! my.huel.com/arun
klaus mikaelson
klaus mikaelson 5 days ago
iPhone has this feature in the settings that allows you to choose which apps can use mobile data and when not using certain apps you can stop them from using data . It helps saving mobile data , very handy. Hope other phone companies can adopt this feature
shani shinu
shani shinu 27 days ago
Samsung's S21 Ultra. How far it's improved. Is it the Photographic Titan & Best Flagship? ..........us-first.info/player/video/j7p9ebBniailZpc.html
J. 2 months ago
Worst, review, ever. Make it as best you could? Please tell me that's sarcasm
RandomTorok 2 months ago
What was it you were saying about the router requirements.
Kabir Chhabra
Kabir Chhabra 2 months ago
I've really started to like ur videos Good job 👏👍👌🙌😄😁
Dhruv Bishnoi
Dhruv Bishnoi 2 hours ago
the peel sound😂😂its fake
Nang keo
Nang keo 6 hours ago
does s21 ultra have memory card insertion spot?
BakedCanadian420 8 hours ago
Honestly, I think that 'missing' spot on the camera lense was intentional. The way my hand hold on the phone, my index finger will sometimes move down to that spot, but not to the lense. Think Sammy meant it as a finger placement 😂
MEME Timez
MEME Timez 18 hours ago
content quality- PERFECT OK!
kevin silva
kevin silva 20 hours ago
I have a Obama phone. Is that better than the s21?????.?
Revshare Global
I'm coming from the old flagship Note 9...I've held the S21 ultra in a phone store. Looks and feels like a totally different phone. Its frigging AMAZING.
ABIERRA 138 Day ago
I don’t know why but Aaron reminds me so much of my friend
fun times with Tom
I went to T-mobile yesterday to look at this phone. They were going to give me $500 to upgrade to this plus 182 for my LG V60 but as soon as he told me they eliminated the SD card slot I walked away. I guess everyone is going away from the SD card now.
prateek warad
Samsung are not even copying apple, they don't include the power adaptor in the box for their flagship lineup but include not only the adaptor but also give a wired earphones in the box in their budget or mid-range series. What are you doing Samsung?? Don't you f**king say that you care about the environment and hence your not including the adaptor in the box!
ahwayzcool Day ago
No Micro SD card support? Thats a deal breaker for me. 😔
Eddie Avinashi
I have the Ultra. It's amazing. 512GB, 16GB RAM. A hot ass girlfriend. $3,000,000 in revenue this year. Life is good. I am a God.
Eddie Avinashi
@Ved Animated Just remember there can be only one God and that is me. So worship me! (and my phone). All jokes aside. The phone is pretty sweet, but after a moment you'll realize the improvements over say the Note 8 are entirely expanded in magnitude by you. The 120hz refresh rate is cool, but after a while I don't notice it unless I go back to an older phone.
Ved Animated
Ved Animated Day ago
Wow! You clearly have your life on lockdown! It has to be the best looking Samsung phone so far!
WaterFlame957 2 days ago
You're gorgeous!! 😍😍
Ved Animated
Ved Animated Day ago
Those hands fit the phone so well.
ok 2 days ago
im a current j7pro user and my reaction to this is: Wow this is good not affordable but its a real upgrade from this phone i use and has a good design in my opinion and the display is just 9.5/10
Elizabeth Corkins
I just got my Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5G. I had my Samsung Galaxy S10 for about 2 years, the longest I ever had a phone before, it's still a good phone so I use it for an extra phone especially right now cuz my case won't be here for another week & I'm too clumsy to not have a case.
THE COOL BROS 2 days ago
Oh just pay me I have oppo f9 so my payment and s 21 ultra
Amanda Bow
Amanda Bow 2 days ago
I just ordered my Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. I literally am coming from a 2017 phone (Samsung Galaxy j7 V). How much would you pay exactly to see my reaction? Haha, nice video.
Ravi Walia
Ravi Walia 2 days ago
Hi Guys does S21 have FM radio ?
Alberto Roky Pestean
Hi Aaron! I'm Alberto! I just wanted to say that I like your reviews, brilliant job you do. Now, I have ordered today a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra and from what I saw in your review it comes with no charger brick .....where from I could buy a brick to charge the phone? Does it have to be Samsung or can be from other brand and can be 65w? Please, if you could help me with this? I did purchase a oppo find X3 Pro but because the battery will drain very quickly and the App Ring wouldn't work properly I have to send it back and get the Samsung.
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma 3 days ago
Watching the same video 7th time
MAJID ALI Channa 3 days ago
Thanks for giving us every detail about samsung devices... Because I love Samsung Devices
Swati Pawar
Swati Pawar 3 days ago
yes Haptic feekpak is hodo
Swati Pawar
Swati Pawar 3 days ago
Yellow wallpaper M
Bijesh Stha
Bijesh Stha 4 days ago
Thank you for reviewing this phone. I recently bought it after watching your review. I'm blown away by this phone. I jumped from OnePlus 6 to Samsung S21 Ultra and its been amazing!
Nick 4 days ago
Is it worth the extra money to upgrade from the S21 to the S21 Ultra for the resolution alone?
Zee Visinand
Zee Visinand 4 days ago
I'm upgrading from a Note 9...I'll record my reaction. Lol
Spoontaneous 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure this is THE best product comparison video I have ever seen on US-first. I'm still loving my old S6... but it just started to give me hints that I might best start considering the options. Excellent video!
granddolph 4 days ago
2:06 the wha?
X5 5 days ago
They removed the SD card slot. S21 Ultra isn't better than anything.
Natasha Leclerc
Natasha Leclerc 5 days ago
How much are you willing to pay me? I’m going from the s8 to s21 ultra 😂
breathe and squeeze
They are just naming after the year now.
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez 5 days ago
Just got it and it's soo good
Amir mohammad Heydari
S21 ultra ❤❤❤
David Tiah
David Tiah 6 days ago
When I bought my S21, it came with 2 smart tags, buds+, AKG wired earphones, 33W fast charger and a 70usd discount voucher. Not bad tbh
Geovanni Dominguez
I was gonna buy this phone, but i seen a lot people returning them for a lot of reasons. It is a great phone but they still got to fix all this issues. So im gonna go with 21+
J09Notts 7 days ago
2:48 I never knew you could chop bread with an iPhone 😲
MTB Somerset
MTB Somerset 7 days ago
i have an s7
_ also_ _also_
_ also_ _also_ 7 days ago
Reminder JESUS CHRIST loves you,
Zubeyr Ahmed Hassan
So it don't have USB connector. And no one is complaining about it
Trey Simmons
Trey Simmons 7 days ago
Just got mine 3 days ago. Upgraded from iPhone xs max
Paddy Robinson
Paddy Robinson 7 days ago
I'm moving from a Samsung s8+ to this 😯😯😯
Paddy Robinson
Paddy Robinson 7 days ago
Brilliant review 🙌
benny dewit
benny dewit 7 days ago
had the S10 plus from 2019 till now. ordered the s21 512 gb 16 gb ram edition yesterday will arrive tomorrow.
تابع السنة
“I would pay to see your reaction” ... little does he know im upgrading from an iphone 7 plus
Thanh Sơn Trần
Can someone tell me what game he's playing on 5:38
Thanh Sơn Trần
I think I've found it. It's called V4 if anyone is interested. I actually found it by Googling the quest name lol
Dylan Becker
Dylan Becker 7 days ago
I have a note 9 and can't wait for my new s 21 ultra coming in the mail
Come Chai With Me
I got the s21 ultra. brilliant. just a concern. a friend said to me that the live stream, if used for long hours, heats up. i havnt tested that yet. pls advise if this true. tks for a great review.
Sal G
Sal G 8 days ago
Who needs 8K video!!!!!!??? Wth
Michael Fitzpatrick
HMC? Hold My Cosmo?
Leilanny Salcido
Leilanny Salcido 8 days ago
This is my third or fourth time watching this video lol I really want to switch from the iP12 to this
Henry Guzman
Henry Guzman 9 days ago
You start the video killing the enthusiasm of a new owner. This phones are absolutely fantastic, you must be a paid party pupper I hate the lack of transparency, biased opinions, maybe there is no such thing among US-firstrs for which monetization is the hole point of being here. You are obviously influencing new buyers being paid for that. Enjoy your business then
George Henderson
George Henderson 9 days ago
Because of how well and straight to the point your limited review was on the phone I just purchased.. I'm actually going to give #huel a shot
musa WORLD
musa WORLD 9 days ago
Samsung s 21+ vs s21 ultra
rigbyme 2 days ago
S21 ultra lol
kkostas86 9 days ago
13:34 This is Huel. Huel you happy? Reasonably.
Kurt Williams
Kurt Williams 9 days ago
Great video. I'm still rocking a Samsung 8 and in desperate need of an upgrade. Was thinking "wow, this phone is perfect" and then came the no expandable memory :(
Deju Dee
Deju Dee 10 days ago
Samsung not for gaming
rigbyme 2 days ago
Samsung is a all rounder (:
Elisei _
Elisei _ 10 days ago
Honestly everyone is complaining about the camera bumping against your finger but tbh, I rest my right pointing finger under the bottom cuz it gives me more confidence when holding it.
far1sto 11 days ago
This is why the Samsung is the best and thats why we love it,apple trash
Bruh 9 days ago
Lol😂 why do you have to hate on apple if you love Samsung
Michael Dougnuts
Michael Dougnuts 11 days ago
Your voice is just extraordinarily beautiful.
RS S 11 days ago
Unfortunately the other companies including xiaomi, oneplus, Oppo.. still can't compete with Samsung. I used to like Oneplus phones because of its more affordable price, reasonable quality plus the alert slider. But Oneplus is going downhill in recent years in all these aspects. Oppo phones are very average in all aspects compared to others yet still have quite high prices (the only thing I like about Oppo is its slim and light weight phones). Xiaomi is catching up but the quality is still not as good and lasting than Samsung for example. And by not having google on some of their latest may just end up losing a lot of potential customers
rigbyme 2 days ago
Didn't the mi 11 ultra beat the Samsung s21 ultra in every category? Xiaomi not as quality and long lasting? That's kinda biased and lies.
Dan Bkhat
Dan Bkhat 11 days ago
well I stuck on a phone so old the Samsung grand neo the specs : 8mp broken camera , 1gb ram , 8gb of storage I know amazing😤😤
E. C.
E. C. 11 days ago
4:05 how much exactly?
Akaşh Gupta
Akaşh Gupta 11 days ago
what is your name -- Aaron or Arun ?
rigbyme 2 days ago
gamesgonewrong 12 days ago
The s21 a 1100€ phone doesn't come with a charger, the a52 a 350 € phone does vime with a 15w charger
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 12 days ago
Yeah I really don’t get it
milliken 12 days ago
You delivered amazing talk, thank you very much as I just got this S21 Ultra 256GB. Keep it up!!!
essexceltic1 12 days ago
Love the phone but disappointed there js no 360 camera and no camera app supports it, had a good 360 camera app on my s10 plus but the ultra don't support that too gutted, if anyone know of a 360 let me know please
TheJoshuaPaul 12 days ago
Worth upgrading from my Note 8?
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 12 days ago
Mobile lynx
Mobile lynx 13 days ago
At this point i am jst gonna ask. Should i get the iphone12 pro max or the s21 ultra
Kilosso YT
Kilosso YT 12 days ago
S21 ultra
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo 13 days ago
The s20 is so cheap looking and very plasticity looks more like a a series model than a flagship model
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo 13 days ago
Now that you've reviewed the phone you can give it me if you really really want I suppose I'll let you so I can give my little brother my s10+
Shevchenko 7cfc
Shevchenko 7cfc 13 days ago
been on the fence a few days, you sold me! s21 ultra should be here tomorrow, thanks!
THE JAB LAB 13 days ago
Your like a really pompous art gallery owner
Isma-Eel Chotia
Isma-Eel Chotia 14 days ago
Me, watching from my s21 ultra lol
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 12 days ago
What’s the 10x zoom camera like as I currently have a iPhone xs max with only 2x
Olivia Green
Olivia Green 15 days ago
I have a 2017 phone currently, galaxy S8... you said something about paying to see my reaction?! 🤔
Lavada Hall
Lavada Hall 15 days ago
I love everything about you! The video is the bonus. Your accent is captivating, charming, and sexy! I would love to enter into a heated anything with you. So shameless, and yet so very true. 🤭🔥😘😍😜🤩
DANIEL PALI 15 days ago
Is the best smartphone produced
Chowdhury Adnan
Chowdhury Adnan 16 days ago
I want to buy this but i hate Exynos processor.. i wish they put a Snapdragon 888 in it for the European version 😔
Crazcompart 16 days ago
Evidently, Samsung decided to jump from their 10th Anniversary S Series Family (which introduced cutting edge technology in an around themselves) to naming the phone after the actual year of release itself as if to say, "OK! Now that we're in our second decade of S Series handsets, you will be expecting even more from us than you did before, so now we bring it to you, year by year!"
Lord Rhodium AlHashemi
Unfortunatly they cancelled memory card port 😢
SUBC Official
SUBC Official 17 days ago
No one's gonna talk about 3:11? *Genius.*
NEELAM SHAH 17 days ago
motorola g60 plz
Azhaan Ashrafi
Azhaan Ashrafi 17 days ago
You are biased towards Samsung
rigbyme 2 days ago
Apple fan?
Baggy Camera
Baggy Camera 17 days ago
What about the Note 21 Ultra ?
arko 22
arko 22 17 days ago
Sorana Sokan
Sorana Sokan 17 days ago
Mate i love your videos great content you do a professionel job ,how speak and explain great work wana see more videos about smartphones from you
Blake Giant
Blake Giant 17 days ago
I realize this is a super niche scenario, but I go running and biking a lot out in the country and the mountains and I used the zoom on my note 20 ultra all the time to scout out routes on an adjoining mountain...like using binoculars or a scope. Being able to snap a couple of super zoomed pics to use for route finding reference was on point. Granted, like you said, I think any picture over 20x-30x looks like over-processed and noisy garbage as a picture, but its good enough to use for a reference. That being said, most of my actual pics are with the ultrawide given Iike pics of landscapes,
patricia hartmann
patricia hartmann 18 days ago
My note 9 crapped out last night. So I got this s21 ultra. Not knowing how frikkin amazing it was when I was picking it out.
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez 18 days ago
I have an iPhone 6s, a 2015 phone and I would pay to see my own reaction😂
Hisaab karlo
Hisaab karlo 18 days ago
You should solve my problem of heating in s21 ultra. Because of you I purchased. I am very angry with you. Very bad
rigbyme 2 days ago
The s21 ultra isn't heating lol, probably because your baby hands aren't used to 40 Celsius.
Eudora 18 days ago
I like your voice...I am just listening and not taking much in! REPLAY
Radiant Flux
Radiant Flux 18 days ago
2017 s8 phone guy here. happy to accept donations for reactions to a new s21 ultra.
Hawaii Wedding Videographer Ramirez
How many hours can A21 record video??
Simon Mulatu
Simon Mulatu 19 days ago
I need Huel😭😭 here in Ethiopia
Conny Davidsson
Conny Davidsson 19 days ago
Warn everyone about exynos that aren't very good. I was fooled when I bought an exynos 20 ultra that is not worth more than half the price
Francis Meg
Francis Meg 19 days ago
Me at 2:49: Why are you so dramatic? Lol
Sreejith R - 81
Sreejith R - 81 20 days ago
Spare me an S21 Ultra 🥲
CliffNote10 20 days ago
One huge reason I appreciate the zoom capabilities in the S21U is my brother runs track and that 10x optical zoom at 4k 60fps...omg zooming in when he runs at the opposite side of the track, that's so much better than the 10x digital zoom. You can never go back to digital zoom!
John Qwenton14
John Qwenton14 20 days ago
"Vlogger view" was available on the Galaxy Note 4. You could record with both front & rear cameras and take pictures. Still dont know why it was removed in newer phones.
Shams Valliani
Shams Valliani 20 days ago
Wallpaper shown in this device source or link plz