The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore. 

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet: us-first.info/player/video/m855onmhn3dqYXU.html
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Feb 11, 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss 3 months ago
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet: us-first.info/player/video/m855onmhn3dqYXU.html
Harlod Peter
Harlod Peter 2 days ago
Maybe apple should create another program that allows consumer to trade in their old brick plus a little bit of cash if they are truly into “saving the planet” scheme.. Just saying..
Punarnava Viswanath
One of the best youtube channel I have ever seen Amazing video !
Miniman plays
Miniman plays 21 day ago
You could say that they’re trying to be green but being an under developed garbanzo bean
Seyiekheto Sale
Seyiekheto Sale Month ago
Cm on even if dey dont give chargers in the box. Pple need to buy a charger out of box . At the same time the companies are still selling chargers thus production is alwys on.
Mathias P
Mathias P Month ago
You’re saying that sustainability is important, that there is too much packaging. Have you ever counted the amount of devices that only you ordered and unpacked? 😀 And yes, you would get more subscribers if you say that you are eco friendly. But, you would also have to show that you actually are 🙃
_Krosis_ Hour ago
They could just put the chargers and/or the headphones on the side of the box, think about it, the sides always come with nothing on them, they could just carve a place for a charger and another for headphones on the side, and the box might even be smaller
Martin Reay
Martin Reay Hour ago
I wouldn't buy a phone without a charger or earphones, I also won't buy a phone that doesn't fit into my hand and is exactly what I want, a mobile telephone as opposed to a tablet. The size of the phones today I might as well go back to the old Motorola brick..... Going back to small phones and as dumb as I can get........ Hello Nokia....... I've never owned an Apple as I don't want to be owned by Apple, as for Samsung they've gone from great to painful and expensive....... Nokia's going to do well this year.....
we can discuss this all day but that wireless charging is a wired charging. It's just instead of a small pin you attach a coaster to your phone.. Liked him before he was an apple fanboy sounded more reasonable than now defending on why you should spend more other than the phone these days... because it's good for the environment the way apple does it.. tsk...
Titus B. Ramos
iPhone is basically Tesla of phones, but it does the opposite thing.
Titus B. Ramos
Titus B. Ramos 2 hours ago
What were they thinking? Money obviously.
Justin Chiang
Justin Chiang 2 hours ago
Something wrong with 8:43 here
Wireless charge is absolutely a waste unless youre trying to charge a battery at a distance like the one between the earth and the moon. The closer the battery and the charger are, the better is to use a cable. Imagine with magsafe where the distance is about milimeters. Its just silly. Wireless short-distance charge has absolutely nothing better than a magnetic easy-detachable cable like the macbooks one
Jack Preston
Jack Preston 2 hours ago
What do they take us for?
Rakshith gowda
Rakshith gowda 2 hours ago
Apple is too sadist and they does stupid things for their profit and call it bold move. Removing inbox charger has nothing to do with environmental.
Big CEO 3 hours ago
Wireless Charing is a stoopid invention for now.
Big CEO 3 hours ago
Spitting straight facts
Ramjirao Speaking
Ramjirao Speaking 4 hours ago
When will Apple come up with back side Solar panel?
oskjan1 4 hours ago
Nowadays when you buy a phone they deliver it without a charger, without headphones, without a headphone jack so the headphones you already have don't work, and not even a USB-to-headphone dongle. Better run to the store and shell out another $50-100 before you can even use it.
Keane Tamse
Keane Tamse 6 hours ago
who else saw this 9:36
Keane Tamse
Keane Tamse 6 hours ago
rick astley in the bottom right corner
I hate new design phones these days, especially the no earphone jack and no chargers included. I hate using Bluetooth or wireless headphones for reasons such as losing it easily or to constantly charge it and if I didn't or couldn't charge it for a few hours then I wouldn't be able to use it and I hate using or buying splitters. I just wish they retain the jack.
mike rotch
mike rotch 7 hours ago
I try not to use amazon anymore, its anti-american and buisinesses are suffering its affecting the coin distribution badly
The Great Markus
The Great Markus 7 hours ago
It's very simple, they get to - sell you accessories and other services seperately after you bought your phone, making them more money - sell you phones around the same MSRP with less stuff included, making them more money - get a bunch of promotion around them using less packaging, making them more money Obviously they don't really care about being eco-friendly, there's a bunch of profit potential with this approach, making this a really smart business move by these companies 👀. Its not so great for consumers, but hey when have companies been worried about that?
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT 9 hours ago
Apple's innovation is amazing. We have companies like Oppo and Oneplus who give 65W fast chargers in the box but Apple came in and provides an invisible charger
FlameBlade1212 11 hours ago
1 word, money
Pat Morro
Pat Morro 11 hours ago
It’s really annoying how apple removed the headphone jack hole because I recently got new headphones that I can’t use with my phone. My phone did come with earphones, but they go in the charger hole, meaning I can’t charge my phone while using earphones :/
Chris 12 hours ago
it's all about money, money, money, money and money. It's just a nicer way for them to say "right we are going to take away everything from the package and from now on you need to buy everything separately" sooner or later we will be paying for the battery separately and they will assembling the phone in store
Mars Potatoes
Mars Potatoes 14 hours ago
in 2025 when you buy a phone you wont even get a phone in the box
NotBruhify 14 hours ago
I don’t think it helps the environment because your creating an entirely new packaging which means more plastic
Vivek N
Vivek N 14 hours ago
If you never charged your phone in a year, you probably save as much energy as needed driving a mid sized car for an hour
Elk 15 hours ago
3:40 i was half expecting a raycon ad right here
Keean Buys
Keean Buys 15 hours ago
No one peeped the rick roll at 9:35?
carlosds MTV
carlosds MTV 15 hours ago
2‘53‘‘ 😂😂
Rocco Staffa
Rocco Staffa 15 hours ago
Soon they won’t even be delivering the phone
Grant Payant
Grant Payant 15 hours ago
TheLuisa2011 16 hours ago
Wait wait wait. They really really not putting in chargers???
T T 16 hours ago
Protect the environment ? That’s a laugh . As they kill more trees just to make a separate box for the charger
jharris947 16 hours ago
Last year I ordered a SD card from amazon and it arrived in a box that you could have fitted at least 6 tins of Heinz Baked Beans in. Took some photos and forwarded them to Amazon but never heard a word back from them.
T T 16 hours ago
The truth is they just want more money
Dragonix 17 hours ago
Apple and Samsung: S T O N K S
GHOST 18 hours ago
if companies really want to save a few cents that bad then they should just create an option on the buy page to include it into the main box
Chris George
Chris George 18 hours ago
The imaginary children roughly scribble because christopher enzymatically stamp into a lively jelly. festive, adamant quail
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 18 hours ago
I just like how they conveniently stopped packing in chargers as fast charging because the norm, forcing people to buy an USB-C type charger.
obliqueskeptic 18 hours ago
Yeah I really like all your videos till I see you passing off a screenshot from Republic World as news
Dragønix Official
Dragønix Official 18 hours ago
Funfact:Next gen all phones dont have a battery🤔😉
tellenazi 18 hours ago
Next step is not giving a phone too ... For the environment of course.Like they give half a shit about the environment smh.
Hugo Magno
Hugo Magno 18 hours ago
Ok I have to agree that final was awesome with this Anker advertising
MushroomTip46 19 hours ago
A thought, For now maybe take a drive to the mall to avoid delivery packaging?
Somitra Sharma
Somitra Sharma 19 hours ago
On the website when ordering there should be a option so u can decide if you need a adapter since people might be first time users. It is environmental though. People will start reusing there old adapter and if they need a new one websites should add a new adapter in box. But it isn’t that effective.
Younes Light
Younes Light 19 hours ago
It's money related not eco friendly related
jackbutter king
jackbutter king 19 hours ago
Every hear of something called greed
Joshua 19 hours ago
What if when you order your device, you just tell said company to add or not to add a charger in the packaging
Joshua 19 hours ago
Finally subscribed, really enjoying your content
Joshua 19 hours ago
Tell these tech companies to get us chargers back!!!!!!!
UTQ the Princess Utopia
I haven’t bought a new phone for 5 years because I just hate the direction new phones are going I still have an old iPhone SE just because I value my headphone port and normal charger. Jesus Christ I hate these companies
Farhan Baig
Farhan Baig 20 hours ago
You sir have saved both my kidneys, I owe my kidneys to you.
pOcHo_X 20 hours ago
Samsung, Xiomi and Apple the only reason they have is the need of more money for them...fu** the planet
Kyisla Kiss
Kyisla Kiss 21 hour ago
Don’t let ultra capitalists convince you they care about the planet
Reno Agasthya
Reno Agasthya 21 hour ago
1:22 this is true but for me, that charger is my phone
Did I just get rickrolled at 6:30 ?
Aaron Arcos
Aaron Arcos 21 hour ago
Oh uh a Rick roll uh
ZeroSlash 21 hour ago
Also bruh a box half the size wont change the environment we already profuce so much food waste take care of that first
ZeroSlash 21 hour ago
Yeah sure is for the EnBoiRonVent yeah just like everything else. They just want money because MOST PEOPLE DONT BUY A NEW PHONE EVRRY YEAR AND DEPEND ON THE FAST CHARGER INCLUDED
Martin Geen
Martin Geen 21 hour ago
They always say that using the charger that came with your phone is the best option because they are optimized and work together with your phone. I do not hear anything about that anymore. Can I just buy a charger and is it just as friendly for my phone battery?
nlolhere 22 hours ago
The only place in which Apple and Samsung are actually trying to “go green” is in their stock.
Schweiz Swiss
Schweiz Swiss 23 hours ago
I regret buying s21 ultra because there's no charger. This all business tactic. Next time I'm gonna buy the cheapest one. but whit charger included. with headset. Shout out to Samsung the battery of your phone are fast to drain.
Ariq Fauzan
Ariq Fauzan 23 hours ago
whats more, they could instead include some sort of coupon or a code that they can trade-in on a walk-in store (which is where people used to buy their iphones anyways) for their chargers without any box whatsoever. people gets their charger included, apple gets to be more green. win-win.
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Apple & Samsung should sued for environmental damage.
Mousicle77 23 hours ago
We need more people including phone companies to see this so they stop wasting plastic and energy
Constantin Bogdan
Don't put charge because they wanna you spend extra money
Henk van Peer
IPhones do not come with a case anyway.... I am very happy with my extra chargers, esp those for ipad, that i also use for iphone... Have over 10 usb charging points... some with usb c cable some with lightning, and one with old iPad3 connector even (ipad3, ipad air2, iphone 5s, iphone SE, Galaxy 6, earphones 3x...) and over 1 month also two wireless charging points.... in a while everything will become wireless; charging 1st, data transfer to earphones and screens, etc, less and less requiting ports.... buttons however Will remain, as sometimes OS crashes, flashing eprom, etc.(that is also best done over wire, using data port!).
Bryan Mejia
Bryan Mejia Day ago
Because money. Money is the reason iPhones don't come with chargers anymore,
philip gab
philip gab Day ago
Mitra Dave
Mitra Dave Day ago
I hope apple and samsung see this, and pay attention to what we want
HIP HOP Museum
just go back to stone age if u like environment that much
Kunal Sehgal
Kunal Sehgal Day ago
So, if I select the trade-in option when buying a new iPhone, does Apple expect me to trade-in my charger along with the old device?
DeadlyMouse Day ago
ok Im just gonna get a phone with a charger and then never buy one again
Vincent Marshall
my oppo x3 lite came with earphones, a 65w GaN charger, and a case lol. oppo seems like the brand to go with if you want to reduce packaging waste & fuel usage
AKshat Soni
AKshat Soni Day ago
Samsung and apple should watch this
breadcrumbs 707
Pov: wondering why a gacha tuber watches this-
Alyssa D Morales
Wasting money on delivery fee too
Hala Elawady
Hala Elawady Day ago
I think the best option is to give us the option to have a charger or air pods if we need it.
Aniket Rai
Aniket Rai Day ago
Only fbi can save us now..
nana kwame
nana kwame Day ago
Are there no laws to prevent these companies from bullying and cheating us? This is so unfair and a ripoff.Governments should stand up and prevent these bullies from making extra profit of us
thunderCat Mvr1988
All of it is just lies. To squeeze max amount of money out of us all. End of story.
hooligan bubsy
Wait!! You don't get a charger anymore???
mty ψψψ
mty ψψψ Day ago
Thats sucks
DasPikachu Day ago
Personally I'm not affected - I still use my charger and headphones from 2015 and it's just fine, I don't need more speed. But selling something with less content for the same price of course stinks. Especially when you're apple and selling a stupid charger for $60. They should have a slightly more expensive box with charger and headphones all in. It's annoying that we HAVE to follow every tech movement because everyone just does the same and old devices aren't compatible with anything after a while. I do not want to get rid of my headphone jack at all! Wireless doesn't always work and I don't always want to fumble with my bluetooth devices, I just wanna plug in and listen.
Polow Ptn
Polow Ptn Day ago
I have 10 chargers in my house, and I don’t change phone each years, you have 120 phones so stop saying bullshit a lot of people are changing phone each year you included
Kristina Downey
The lowly felony comparatively concern because swamp pertinently dam forenenst a sore pear. likeable, unsuitable protest
Soji Leslie
Soji Leslie Day ago
Apple wants to escape by saying "environment" but you exposed
sameer savakiya
Environmental company is an excuse
Guillaume Les Verts DFE
Next time they won’t include the phone!
Romya Roy
Romya Roy Day ago
Helio Ivaan
Helio Ivaan Day ago
More important the AKG inside the box of note 20 and 20 ultra last year is almost $100 WHEN YOU WANNA BUY IN SAMSUNG SERVICE so they cut that $100
Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy Day ago
Yeah, you just confirmed what everyone with a brain knew already: That big companies are full of s**t. But that's how capitalism works. It's not pretty, but it comes with democracy. It's the same bs as with covid: everyone is blaming it for stuff barely related to it. Think about it...
Steve Crafter
Probably they are gonna stop giving the battery with the phone on some day
Steve Crafter
Who remember that days when samsung give a basic earphone in the box
Joseph Ransom
free cases? we dont get those here lmao
Denny Chan
Denny Chan Day ago
Denny Chan
Denny Chan Day ago
magsafe ain't safe for people with heart surgery
Afif RandomMation
can't wait for the phoneless iphone 🤩
Andrew Gunner
Arun for president
Hania Sondej
Hania Sondej Day ago
I sent this to xiaomi, apple and samsung on instagram. I hope they will see this.
Mr. Anonymous
Wauw man true