Xiaomi Mi 11 Unboxing & Review. 

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Unboxing and Full Review of the New 2021 Xiaomi Mi 11! Includes Camera test, battery test, specs, features and more. Subscribe to see the Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra when those phones inevitably come out too!
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Jan 10, 2021




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Comments 100   
Mrwhosetheboss 4 months ago
For everyone who came within the first hour, here's a virtual cookie 🍪 To see the video all about Fake Reviews on US-first: us-first.info/player/video/r993pmd7m2qpgIU.html
Jofin ns Jeen
Jofin ns Jeen 3 days ago
I lost my cookie 🍪
Ayman Naji
Ayman Naji 7 days ago
@Mrwhosetheboss Why you throw your self in the chair? And why you throw the box's that's way??? Can you act more mature.
Unrex 18 days ago
Je ne te vois volim
Som bahadur Thapa
Som bahadur Thapa 18 days ago
Kyle God Gaming
Kyle God Gaming Month ago
i liked the fact you rick rolled us in the background you are a sneaky boy
zxchy 2 hours ago
He has among us on the phone.. *When Mrwhosetheboss is sus*
Srujan Shenoy
Mi11 should have had a pen edition. So the latest Samsung Galaxy S21's S pen
Siddhartha Gupta
3:27 😭😤
Anuj Sinha
Anuj Sinha 2 days ago
But MIUI 12🤭🤭
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 2 days ago
When are they going to release the global rom though?
MyStyle- 3 days ago
How you didn't recive a charger , when my mi 11 came i had charger in the box :))
RishabDevYT 3 days ago
13:20 did arun just predicte the future That's impressive
Shivam Shukla
Shivam Shukla 3 days ago
Is everyone gonna ignore how he Rick rolled us at 3:23 again 😂
Martin Oosthuizen
@mrwhosetheboss - Oneplus 8T or Xiaomi Mi 11??? I currently have a Oneplus 6
Yuhin 4 days ago
Is the camera on Mi 11 better than the ones on Mi 10T Pro?
Cee 4 days ago
10:25 Samsung won this one with good color grading compared to Xiaomi.
Epic Seal
Epic Seal 5 days ago
Omar Hatem
Omar Hatem 5 days ago
someone saw rickroll on the left TV?
Geo Gabr
Geo Gabr 5 days ago
I wish i could buy a phone like that... Meanwhile i am watching from a samsung note 3...
Help I need a username Plss
Lmao cause I’m Chinese I got it for £500
MK2626 PRO
MK2626 PRO 6 days ago
anyone notised that we were geting rickrolled on the tv 3:23
blooskys1 9 days ago
Like xaiomi pocco phone it's engineers are suffering a delusion.... The more complicated it is the better it is... No! These phones are not welcome in the eu plastic phones just end up in landfill in three years or get dumped in Africa to pollute their country. If you want a good camera buy a iPhone Sony or Samsung.. The wee legislation in the eu want phones to be recyclable made of glass or metal and last 7 years.... None of this applies to this or pocco phone
Harry Drake
Harry Drake 21 hour ago
But this phone is glass and metal
Bvbs 9 days ago
Xiaomi did me dirty with the lack of update with there android one lineup. I'm going back to samsung because fuck ads
Harry Drake
Harry Drake 21 hour ago
lol So, you chose another OEM with ads?
User 6 days ago
I think in one of his videos he said you can turn off the ads, look up tutorials on how to do that on youtube.
Jimmy P.
Jimmy P. 9 days ago
Lol I watch this from Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro
Estevan Valladares
Estevan Valladares 10 days ago
When you buy it in a MI store, you get a ton of stuff. I got multiple adapters, a smart speaker, a mini vaccuum cleaning robot and usb earphone.
Patrick Martens
Patrick Martens 10 days ago
From a creators perspective (not YT) your editing is stunning. I won't go in detail haha you know what makes ur vids so amazing. A Sub well earned :D ALSO: I decided on a Budged Xiaomi. If it wasnt for your vids i would have blown money for specs i dont need in my daily phone Cheers
Aram Bet-Moshe
Aram Bet-Moshe 11 days ago
ordered one today can hardly wait for this amazing mobile.
olbod1400 11 days ago
3:22 so no one is gonna talk about that guy in the background ....... Look at it
Harry Drake
Harry Drake 21 hour ago
“No one” except the bajillions of other comments
Bruno_toxic 13 days ago
Please camera comparison 🙏🏻with op 9 or pro
Bruno_toxic 13 days ago
Pleaseee Xiaomi mi 11 vs oneplus 9/pro
BrineSam4598 13 days ago
why did i saw rick astley in the back
Walter Anora
Walter Anora 14 days ago
3:23 rick roll at the backround
JXTH-69 14 days ago
These no chargers in the box thing needs to stop lol
Angxl 15 days ago
Im a huge fan and that was a great video,but can u make a review on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite?Is it worth the price of 340 euros?(asking because thats the price in my region)
Anish Ghotane Gurung
A hidden Easter egg Rick roll in the monitor
ROBERT TOMIĆ 16 days ago
Can you get that White bar on every xiaomi? If you know please reply
Devesh Thakur
Devesh Thakur 16 days ago
cita kang
cita kang 16 days ago
China makes things cheaper, easier and afforable.
Shanthanu. R
Shanthanu. R 17 days ago
Stop with rick ashley
Nabeel Afsar 129-FET/BSEE/F16
why does it feels like paid review
Shannon Harkness
Shannon Harkness 18 days ago
So basically I made the Mistake of getting the S21 Ultra an should of Chosen the Mi 11 🥺
GreatGamerHi 5 days ago
Mi 11 Ultra
ManiKanta 18 days ago
Mi 11 is overheating alot !! alooot
Something 18 days ago
522 dollar now
Afaleq 19 days ago
did anyone notice the rickroll?
Jason Devian Putra
Jason Devian Putra 19 days ago
it`s $700 here, should i get it?
Kaiju Slaya
Kaiju Slaya 19 days ago
You: Samsung The guy she told you not to worry about: Mi 11
John Mark L. Jarina
That's why I always pick Xiaomi
rajshekar kotari
rajshekar kotari 19 days ago
I would like to have this compared with new IQ007 legend which is claimed to be the best with the price point
progamer mdnalds_is_71
Bruh I'm still using iPhone 6 please help
Aqil Ar Rafi
Aqil Ar Rafi 19 days ago
2years Later I hope It will be in my Hand!!
Dark Star
Dark Star 19 days ago
I paid 550 € for the 256GB version... it's a good phone with a bad battery performance.
Nafis Panjwani
Nafis Panjwani 20 days ago
Thank you Sir 👍
MrViking 21 day ago
But why those big ugly rounded screen corners!
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 23 days ago
These companies be playing like, "Mom, can we get a charger?" "We have a charger at home"
THEPROCUPA_1 4 days ago
ShezanPlayz124 24 days ago
We are getting Rick rolled without noticing it
Morgan Tembo
Morgan Tembo 26 days ago
I could only have one rich guy buy me one. can't afford it even if it were $200
Stephen Cruickshank
Why did Xiaomi remove "dynamic shots" from the camera app on my UK version mi 11? Also known as Apple's "live photo" feature or Samsung's "motion photos", no android camera apps on the play store have an equivalent feature either it seems and Camera MX will not open after installation . Not having this feature makes me want to send the phone back
The Alpha
The Alpha 27 days ago
The Mi 11 ultra is here Good Prediction Arun
Mark Beck
Mark Beck 27 days ago
billygowhoop 28 days ago
God bless Xiaomi for including a case with every one of their phones. I always get a bit anxious about using a new phone that I haven't gotten a case for yet. Having a case in the box totally solves that problem. It's especially convenient because it can be more difficult to find a decent case for a xiaomi phone as opposed to the massive selection you get with the iphone and galaxy s series.
retrofusion456 29 days ago
1st time watching this guy and I'm already a fan. Probably my fav. so far. Great presentation, entertaining (Rickrolling us lol) and the frickin' accent.
Daimaō 29 days ago
I ended up getting it for £341 pound total on contract in Sweden today, might be the deal of the year!
Was already decided to go for the Samsung A52 but then I saw this. However the rick roll in the background is giving me serious doubts.
Sofia garcia
Sofia garcia 29 days ago
3:24 he rick rolled us
BreadBoi0 29 days ago
Sad the mi 11 ultra is selling here, but the mi 11 which I was going to buy didnt
Shantanu mitra
Shantanu mitra Month ago
Anyone noticed that he was Rick rolling us in a part of the vid
Leo Lei
Leo Lei Month ago
13:24 after 3 months thats the first time i noticed that rickroll lol
Kawai Theam
Kawai Theam Month ago
Ship all to US waterways to prove US government support Japan and the nuclear wastewater is not dangerous to the US environments.
someguyOats 69
someguyOats 69 24 days ago
Wtf does this have to do with the video
talal deeb
talal deeb Month ago
My friend bought new mi 11 he said there is a huge vibration on the middle of back side of phone while using the US-first, audio, music even incoming calls is it normal or there is serious issue with his vibration motor anybody has same problems with mi 11
ronnie ferrer
ronnie ferrer Month ago
Whatever you say, this is a chinese phone, backed by chinese communist military. Big NO for me, I love my privacy and freedom!
someguyOats 69
someguyOats 69 24 days ago
Ok good for you I guess, I'll consider buying this phone for the 888 chip and the 12 gb ram,
qwerty keyboard
qwerty keyboard Month ago
mmm... china...
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Month ago
600$?.. In my country it costs 1000 $
someguyOats 69
someguyOats 69 24 days ago
Wtf is that pfp my guy
sama iga
sama iga Month ago
The way you say UK tho 😂😂😂
Justine Macapugay
Im watching this and realized, I've been rickrolled
takique arfin
takique arfin Month ago
those music changes of your video!!!! wow...set the mood😂
NuWifi Month ago
idc about the other things but all i need is alot of gb and a gaming mode because my phone has 16gb only
MARIO Month ago
His reviews are good but jokes are cringe.
Khaled Soliman
Khaled Soliman Month ago
The smiling pvc imm
Ivan Alwi
Ivan Alwi Month ago
So which one you preferred to pick, mi 11 or vivi x60 pro?
Khan Bhai
Khan Bhai Month ago
hey bro tell us about mi 11 ultra smartphone
3:26 Thanks for the RickRoll
Month ago
What is rickroll
WilX Month ago
Jeeban Gurung
Jeeban Gurung Month ago
Old charger should not suitable for new phone.i got old samsung charger but this doesnot work well and its not 15 watt fast charger.inviorement issue is another problem.
Darsh Rajeev Menon
I want his mi 11 ultra to be: the made it better and global Edit: well never mind
Zeal Studios
Zeal Studios Month ago
Ksh 60,000 A great phone 💖
AxCx Predator
AxCx Predator Month ago
And no locked bootloader like on shitty Huawei phones, so if you have any problems with that phone, are annoyed by ads or don't get any updates anymore, just get yourself a custom ROM and root and all is good again.
Shalom Kamau
Shalom Kamau Month ago
Even though I'm watching with a redmi 9 I still feel so behind
Shalom Kamau
Shalom Kamau Month ago
Even though I'm watching with a redmi 9 I still feel so behind
HM Month ago
Thanks for triggering my OCD with the asymmetry!
Kerim Erdem
Kerim Erdem Month ago
Mi11 super mi 11ultra supersuper
Kerim Erdem
Kerim Erdem Month ago
Mi11ultra dxomark 143puan super
Warfare Octopus
Warfare Octopus Month ago
Memc makes old movies look nice
peterk2 Month ago
Love part when He complain about price from 600$- 1200$ and U just laugh becouse U have to Paid 5500 or 6k in day of relase or 3.5. 1year later xD
Hi Man
Hi Man Month ago
Hexsion Month ago
Mrwhosetheboss: this mi 11 can run call of duty mf3 at max graphics and extra effects in an emulator at 30fps mi 11: those 30 fps are gonna become three times better when i activate game turbo
Reino Van Rooyen
I still would buy it
Spyverse606 Month ago
Why always Rick roll Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy PLS DONT OR ILL UN SUB BOI AND PLZ FIZ THAT
Erez Shimshon
Erez Shimshon Month ago
What about the Mi 11 Ultra review?
Ronan Gray
Ronan Gray Month ago
The UK version of this phone came with a 55W GaN Brick
Laura Brown
Laura Brown Month ago
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Glass of Milk
Glass of Milk Month ago
I'll buy it next year for 450$ I guess
cyber bug
cyber bug Month ago
idl it bcs it overheats sooo bad. i prefer the iqoo 7 than mi 11
Skylytical YT
Skylytical YT Month ago
Oh also basically how they did it, it is because everything is cheap af in China
Just some guy with a longest name on the internet
Sometimes it not cheap but kinda affordable
red thing
red thing Month ago
3:23 did he just Rickrolled us?
leaf 4
leaf 4 Month ago
this phone so good i hold my poop for 10mins watching the review,